Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.7 Now Available to Download

Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.7

Last month Amair Zaidi launched Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.6 for non-pixel devices, which allow users to have the full features of the original Google Pixel Launcher to any phone without root. Now, he has just released Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.7 for Android devices.

Amir Zaidi, who first figured out how to port features of the Original Google Pixel to other devices without needing root the device. The Rootless Pixel Launcher lets you have a similar feel and look like the Original Pixel device. The Rootless Pixel Launcher doesn’t offer many features as the Nova launcher does but it does offer pretty good customizable features for your Android device.

The Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.7 includes several bug and crash fixes. The full changelog of the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.7 update can be found below.

The Full changelog of the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.7

  • Fix crashes caused by backported app shortcuts
  • Fix stuttering from back button presses
  • Change values-zu string so AOSP build script works again
  • Remove empty workspace page after a failed shortcut drag
  • Minor cleanup

Rootless Pixel Launcher works great if you have the Android Oreo running on your device. So, make sure you have the Android Oreo on your device to get the full features of the launcher running on your device smoothly.

You can download the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.7 from here.


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