SnipNotes Formatting Update released for iOS, Mac and Apple Watch

SnipNotes is an iOS app that allows you to quickly store small text notes (called “snippets”) and perform actions on them right from the notification centre. The app comes with a customized widget which can be used to save quickly from the clipboard.

With the new update, notes can now be styled with headings, colours, lists and more! SnipNotes also supports text formatting with Markdown.

Features of SnipNotes

  • Text Styling

Users can apply a variety of text styles to their notes. This includes bold, italic, underlined and strikethrough text as well as different text colours.

  • Headings

Text can now be formatted with different font sizes to improve the structure and legibility of notes.

  • Bullet Lists

SnipNotes supports the creation of bullet lists, which automatically expand as the user enters more text.

  • Markdown Support

All formatting options can also be applied with Markdown syntax. SnipNotes will automatically render Markdown text.

You can download the SnipNotes app for iOS and macOS


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