Sony introduced two more Bravia 4K TV models this week, bringing everything to further fuel competition in this market. In addition, the Japanese manufacturer also collaborated with Netflix to bring the calibrated mode of Netflix to its Master Series TVs as a way to attract more consumers.

The new X1 Ultimate image processor should ensure object-based HDR remastering, with new TVs featuring Acoustic Surface Audio +, which allows the display to function as a speaker.

Starting with the A9F model, this TV comes on the market with a 55-inch or 65-inch OLED screen, and it has the new X1 Ultimate image processor. Already the second model (Z9F) is 65-inch or 75-inch and maintains the same processor, but has LED panel and should be a little cheaper.

The Netflix Calibrated Mode ensures the perfect balance of colour and contrast on smart TVs. This new mode ensures studio-quality picture with accurate colours and will adjust the contrast dynamically, ensuring you do not see the feared novel effect.

According to Netflix executives, the feature will arrive first in the new TVs of Sony, being that there is not yet a date of commercialization of the new devices in the market. Even so, the streaming giant reported that one-third of Smart TVs using the Netflix app already support HDR.


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