Microsoft Launcher

The “Microsoft Launcher” which not only popular because of its good integration with Microsoft services, but also to the innovative power of its developers, who are regularly implementing new features and improvements for the app.

The update to version 4.12 now makes it possible to personalize the last line of the extended dock. You choose to have a search bar or widget displayed here. You can also place apps, pinned contacts, folders, or widgets in place of the dock widgets.

To do this, open the extended dock with a swipe gesture and click on the little blue gear in the upper right corner. In the settings menu, go to Personalization and select the item “Docking”. Under “Dock bottom row” you can then choose what should be displayed in the bottom line of the dock.

A lot has also been done in the app drawer: folders created here are now sorted in alphabetical order and now the drawer also displays info badges on app icons.
Finally, some cosmetic changes have been made. For example, animations and app dragging have been improved and the blur effect can now be activated or deactivated for the home screens.