First Windows 10 on ARM Snapdragon 850 Processor Spotted on GeekBench Result

Windows 10 on ARM Snapdragon 850 Benchmark
Image: Qualcomm

Microsoft and Qualcomm had officially announced the first ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops back in December last year with Snapdragon 835 SoC. Later this year at Computex 2018 in June, Qualcomm and Microsoft, announced the launch of new ARM-based laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 devices with the new Snapdragon 850 processor which was promised to be providing a significant 30% boost in performance over current devices running on the Snapdragon 835.

Now a fresh benchmarks result spotted by WinFutue from GeekBench shows an unknown Lenovo device reportedly running on the new Snapdragon 850 against the Asus NovaGo. And the result shows that in single-core Lenovo device gets a 2263 score, which is about 25% better than the 1802 points of the NovaGo.

Qualcomm-Snapdragon 850 Geekbench Result
Image: Geekbench

However, on a single core test result, the new Snapdragon 845 chip didn’t appear on the mark which was promised back in June, however, it is still not very far from the promise made.

What we can find interesting here is the 7.3% overall improvement when compared with the multi-core results, where the Snapdragon 850 got 6947 points while the Asus device got 6475.


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