Amazon India Website and Mobile App Gets Hindi Interfaces

E-commerce giant Amazon has added a new Hindi language feature to its India website and Android mobile app. This strategy will help Amazon in gaining customers who browse in Hindi.

Hindi version of the Amazon shopping mobile website and the mobile app comes in the time when the festive season in India is about to begin, especially in Diwali. The company says that for the first time customers will be able to enjoy the shopping of Diwali in Hindi.

Currently, the Hindi language feature is in Beta stage and soon the company will add other information like product reviews, ratings, questions and answers in the Hindi language. Customers will be able to find all the information on Amazon India mobile site and app in Hindi.

How to Activate the Hindi Language on Amazon India Android App?

  • First, you need to update your Amazon Android app
  • Now go to the Menu (three lines above category)

Amazon mobile app in Hindi menu

  • Click on the Language option

Amazon mobile app in Hindi language

  • After clicking on the Language option, you can now select the Hindi Language.

Amazon mobile app in Hindi option



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