Dev Rocksteady AAA Title
Image: Rocksteady

We have heard almost nothing from the ‘Batman: Arkham’ Dev Rocksteady since the release of the Arkham VR which was released worldwide on October 11, 2016. Now it seems that the dev is working on a highly anticipated upcoming AAA title. As first spotted by ResetEra forum member est1992, Dev Rocksteady has posted over 20 new job listings on their website, one of which includes a Community Manager job.

Here is what’s the listings page says

Rocksteady Studios is seeking a passionate and experienced Community Manager to join the team at their North London Studio in a temporary role. In collaboration with our Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) colleagues, the role will primarily involve the execution of digital initiatives across the full range of online, social and community channels. Additionally, the role will frequently involve live gameplay presentations for various audiences.

The successful candidate’s deep understanding of social media, highly developed presentation skills and experience in community management coupled with a love of video games will form the driving force behind an innovative and effective promotional campaign for a highly anticipated upcoming AAA title.

The listing also reveals that the new title will be developed in collaboration with Dev Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) colleagues.

However, we are not sure when the Dev Rocksteady will actually announce its next title, but as per the listings, Rocksteady is already gearing up for the big promo campaign and the announcement very soon.

Rumors are suggesting that there could be either a Superman game or a full-fledged Justice League game in development.


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