Download MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM on Redmi Note 5/Pro, Mi 6/MIX 2, Mi 5, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX, Redmi S2

Download MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM
Image: Xiaomi MIUI

Xiaomi recently released MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM for its Redmi Y2 and MIUI 10 China Stable ROM for Mi Mix 2S, Redmi 6 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 8.

Now Xiaomi has released the final MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM is now available to download for Redmi Note 5/Pro, Mi 6, Mi MIX 2, Mi 5, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX, Redmi S2. However, the Redmi Y2 is the first Xiaomi device to get stable MIUi 10 update. Above mentioned devices will be getting the update first and other Mi devices which are not included in this list will get the update later on a sooner date.

What is MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM?

MIUI 10 is the latest version of Xiaomi’s custom ROM. The MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM update packs several new features and bug fixes, and unlike the Experimental version and the Developer version which packs these updates in small parts, the stable version packs it all in a single update. It also doesn’t get updated on a daily basis instead, it gets updated once in a month or two.

How will I Upgrade to MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM?

Users running the MIUI V5/MIUI 6/MIUI 7/MIUI 8/MIUI 9 Global Stable version on their device should receive the OTA update on their device. If you get the OTA update on your device or you just don’t want to wait for it then you can also download and install the update on your device manually.

To get help on how you can manually flash your ROM and install the latest MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM on your device you can simply head over to this link here.

You can also use your phone Updater App to get the OTA update.

MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM Full Changelog

Designed for full-screen experience
1. All-new full-screen gestures will change the way you interact with your device. They can do everything you used buttons for, except they’re faster, smarter, and more convenient
2. All-new UI is tailored for full-screen devices and lets the content take the front stage

Natural sound system
1. You won’t get tired of natural and ever-changing sounds of the new MIUI
2. We simplified system sounds and applied smart filters, so you’ll hear something only when you need to
3. Ambient sounds of the forest, beach, drizzle, stove fire, and summer night will help you to relax and focus on what’s important

Other improvements and optimizations
1. AI brings Portrait mode to single camera devices! Blur the background on your portrait shots and look as gorgeous as you feel
2. Other system apps (including Clock and Notes) got a major revamp too


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