Back in July, we shared the news that the 2018 iPhone could feature dual-SIM support. This news seems to be confirmed as China Telecom published a new poster revealing that the new iPhone will arrive with dual-SIM and dual standby support.

There will be three models of the 2018 iPhone the names are not yet confirmed, but some are naming them as iPhone XSiPhone XCiPhone XS Plus/ iPhone XS Max.

The China Telecom poster did not reveal which model among the three or all models will come with dual-SIM 4G and dual standby support. In the earlier news, we also reported that the dual-SIM iPhones would be destined for a specific market, maybe China.

[Exclusive]: 2018 iPhone Will Come With Dual-SIM & Dual Standby Support

Now the news is confirmed that the 2018 iPhone with dual-SIM will be launched in China leaving the rest of the markets in question. But seeing the global competition with Android devices we expect Apple could bring this to other markets too.

Apple may choose to include the Apple SIM in one slot (non-removable), the same found in the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 4G on the devices.

Apple Will host its Special Keynote Event on September 12 to launch new iPhone lineup, so let’s wait and see what Apple has to offer at the event.


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