Here’s How AoV’s Ranked Matches Test Your MOBA Skills

Arena of Valor, like most other MOBAs, offers players a ranked matchmaking system that they can use to track their progress and measure themselves up against other players. Higher ranks indicate higher skill levels, and harder games, but also more rewards and more bragging rights.

The Tiers

Arena of Valor has split up the ranks into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. You ascend through the ranks by winning games and collecting Brave Points.

If you click on the little question mark next to your rank on the ‘Ranked Match’ screen, you’ll be able to see what percentage of the player base is in each tier.

For example, around 35% of AoV players are at the lowest rank, Bronze. If you reach the Master rank, on the other hand, you are in the top 1% of all players in the game.

Shiny Rewards!

One of the major perks to playing ranked in AoV is that players receive rewards based on the rank they’ve earned. These are usually gems, which increase in quantity as you climb the ranked ladder.

Players who are above a certain rank threshold also receive a special skin. You can check out all the rewards on the Ranked Match page.

What Do the Stars Mean?

The tiers are divided into sub-tiers, which are marked by stars. Bronze, for example, has 3 stars while Silver and Gold have 4 stars.

Every time you win a match, you gain a star, and once you have enough stars, you progress to the next rank. So if you’re a Silver tier player, and you earn 4 stars, the next game you win will carry you into the Gold tier.

You also earn stars by racking up Brave Points. You are awarded these points for completing a ranked match, regardless of whether you won or lost. You can check the criteria by which Brave Points are awarded on the Ranked Match page, by clicking on the question mark on the top right.

If you look at your Brave Points meter, you’ll notice a small bar that marks a point on the meter. This is the rank protection mark. If your points are higher than this mark, losing a match will remove all your brave points, but you won’t lose a star!

And Finally, Seasons

AoV’s ranked system is divided into seasons. Each season lasts for around 3 months, and your rank is reset at the beginning of a new season.

The end of a season is also when you receive the rewards for your tier (gems and/or special skins, depending on your rank).

At the beginning of the next season, all players’ ranks are recalibrated and you are assigned a lower rank than the one you had in the previous season. From here, you begin your upward climb again.


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