China Mobile Leak Reveals iPhone XC, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus as the Naming Scheme of Apple’s 2018 iPhone Lineup

iPhone XC, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus
Image: slashleaks

Apple will launch its new iPhone line up on September 12, but there is still so much speculation going around regarding the naming scheme of the new iPhone line up. As always, rumors and leaks are already in its full swing and have already revealed some of the key information about the upcoming iPhone line up. Today, an alleged slide photo revealing the Naming Scheme for the upcoming iPhone line up as the iPhone XC, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus from an internal Chinese mobile carrier presentation appeared on Weibo. The leaked presentation photo also revealed the pricing details and the different screen sizes for Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup.

When we look closely at the image, we also find the screen sizes of all the three iPhones models along with the naming scheme. The first one is named as iPhone XC which appears to have a 6.1-inch LCD screen, the second is the iPhone XS with a smallest 5.8-inch LCD screen, the third model called the iPhone XS Plus has the larger 6.5-inch OLED screen.

Earlier today, an alleged poster from China Telecom also revealed that the new iPhone will arrive with dual-SIM and dual standby support. This potentially confirms that the 2018 iPhone with dual-SIM will be launched in China. Some recent leaks have also confirmed that there would be 64GB and 256GB storage variants in the new iPhone line up.

The pricing and the different screen sizes have been revealed as follows.

iPhone XS (5.8-inch) 7388 (1079$)
iPhone XS Plus (6.5-inch) 8388 (1225$)
iPhone XC (6.1-inch) 5888 (860$)
Available starting 21/09/2018

Apple’s Special Keynote Event will take place on Wednesday, September 12 at Steve Jobs Theater, with the keynote beginning at 10:00 a.m. local time as usual.


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