Liu Jun Shows off the Lenovo Z5 Pro
Image: Twitter

Update: Lenovo Z5 Pro will be launched on October 1 at the National Day in China, as revealed by Chang Cheng, another VP at the company on his Weibo account.

In an interview today at the Lenovo Tech World 2018 Conference, Executive Vice President of Lenovo Liu Jun showed a new smartphone which appears to have a front facing camera placed on a sliding back panel however, he didn’t really name the device but the new smartphone is most likely going to be called the Lenovo Z5 Pro as per previous leaks an rumors. The new Lenovo Z5 Pro is the company’s first slider phone that comes with a full all screen display with no Notch at the front.

According to the ITHome report, Liu Jun also hinted that the new slider smartphone will soon get an official launch date but he didn’t reveal the exact release date for the Lenovo Z5 Pro.

Lenovo Z5 Pro Specifications

As for the specs of the upcoming Lenovo Z5 Pro, there isn’t any information available as yet on the specifications of the Lenovo Z5 Pro but what we know based on some earlier leaks and rumor is that the new Lenovo Z5 Pro will feature and in-screen fingerprint sensor with a larger screen size than the previously launched Lenovo Z smartphone.

The smartphone is also expected to come with Snapdragon 660 or maybe 710 processors. That’s all we know so far. We will keep the news updated as we get more information on the device launch.


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