Mozilla Firefox Monitor Will Alert Users When Their Data is Breached

Mozilla Firefox Monitor
Image: Mozilla

Mozilla has rolled out a new service called ‘Firefox Monitor’. The new service will protect users data and information such as username and password they shared on the internet and alert them when their data is breached or stolen. The new feature will prevent hackers and someone who tries to steal users data. Mozilla has rolled out the new service after months of testing and getting users response on the new service.

The new Firefox Monitor service is a part of a collaboration between Mozilla and Troy Hunt’s “Have I Been Pwned” (HIBP) website and its totally free. There are two ways in which users can use to get out of any kind of data breach which goes as follows.

The first one is, users, can simply visit and put their email address to scan and the system will show if their email has been part of a data breach or not. The scan result will look something like this.

Firefox Monitor Data Breach

The second method is where users can sign up for Firefox Monitor using their email address and Mozilla will take care of any future data breach by sending the notification about the data breach. Users will also get a notice if their email has been part of any data breach when they will visit the website.

The Firefox Monitor service scans user email address against the HIBP database, which contains a vast repository of data breach incidents. Mozilla also noted that they have many more features to roll out this fall to help people stay safe while online.

In addition to this, Mozilla recently announced a new roadmap to anti-tracking that block any unrestrained data collection activities online.


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