Sony Xperia Ear Duo App for Android and iOS Gets New Software Update

Xperia Ear Duo App Update
Image: Sony

Sony today released a new software update for its Xperia Ear Duo App for both Android and iOS users. The latest update for its Android app now brings a new feature called, Dynamic Normalizer, which enables you to increase the volume of the audio sources automatically with a lower volume, so you can enjoy music or radio even in noisy environments.

The update also adds a title improvements on the Duo’s Adaptive Volume Control (AVC) which decrease the wind interference while you are running or speeding on your bicycle, the Ear Duo let you still enjoy your favorite music on the go.

Android users can now also find out who is calling them through the Xperia Ear Duo Caller Name Read-out function which lets you know who’s calling you even without checking your smartphone, and check the time using just the touchpad – no screens involved! iOS users can also get notified of who’s calling them by changing their iPhone settings.

Sony says that You should receive a notification about the update once you open the Xperia Ear Duo app.


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