Twitter Live Audio-Only Broadcasts Feature on iOS Lets Your Followers Hear Your Voice

Twitter Live Audio-Only Broadcasts
Image: Twitter (Edited by Rizwan/TechCarving)

Now you have another option to connect with your followers without going live with your camera. With Twitter’s new Live Audio-Only Broadcasts Feature on iOS, you can broadcast your voice to your followers and they will hear you but won’t see you. The new feature is now available with the latest version of the Twitter app for iOS. So if you want to try this out just make sure you have updated your Twitter App to the latest 7.31.1 version on iOS.

The new Audio-Only Broadcasts Feature is only available for iOS as yet and there is now information on when the feature will be rolled out to Android.

Twitter has also announced that it is testing to add the new “Explore” tab and “Bookmarks” to the desktop site, along with some other features. However, the features are currently available only for a small number of users.


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