Oppo to Unveil “Hyper Boost” Technology That Could be Used to Enhance Phone Speed and Gaming Experience

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO has released a poster image revealing the launch date of its new Hyper Boost technology which will be used towards improving the speed of the mobile phone.

The event will be hosted on October 11 in Shanghai, China. The poster/invitation letter is marked with the words “Welcome to the era of comprehensive acceleration”.

Right now, the company has not revealed any information regarding this new Hyper Boost technology, but as mentioned earlier it will be used to improve the speed of the mobile phones and gaming experience on mobile devices.

Oppo Hyper Boost Technology launch

Previously, OPPO has shown us the power of optimization, both for game optimization and to improve system fluency. We’ve already seen Huawei started using its own GPU Turbo technology which improves the performance of mobile GPUs and graphics processing efficiency by 60% while reducing overall power consumption from the processor by up to 30%.


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