iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Charging issue
Image: Edited by Rizwan

Last week we had reported about bad WiFi and low cell signal strength issue on the new iPhone XS and XS Max. Now more than 100 Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users have reported that their new iPhone devices don’t automatically start charging when the Lightning cable is plugged in and the screen is off, whereas the phone should start charging immediately after plugged in using a common wall charger, or place the device on a Qi charging pad. However, some users found that charging gets starts when they re-plug in their cables while the screen is on but not when the screen is off. Now users are curious to know that what could be the possible reasons and fixes for new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max charging issue.

The charging issue is not only related to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models. Several users with older iPhone models have also reported that they are getting the same charging issue on their iPhones.

But one thing seems to be common in all these devices and that’s the latest iOS 12 update. The number of users who have reported the charging issue they all have iOS 12 installed on their iPhone devices and that’s something potentially points towards a possible software bug of the latest iOS 12 update.

At Apple’s discussion board, one user wrote that he ”spoke with a Supervisor at Applecare and they advise him at this time it’s an issue that they are aware of and At this time they advise me to get the phone to replace.”

According to AppleInsider, they didn’t get any issue while charging the iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, or iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 12 connected to USB-A to Lightning or USB-C to Lightning plugged into either a computer, a wall adapter, or any one of a variety of Qi charging pads.

Possible Reasons for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Charging Issue

As for the reason which might be causing this issue seems to be related to the new USB Restricted Mode feature, which Apple recently introduced. The feature helps secure data on the phone against devices that try to download a phone’s data for law enforcement or nefarious purposes.

However, we are not a hundred percent sure that this could be a reason which is causing this charging issue. Because we don’t think that the USB restricted mode could be interfering with a simple wall charger or a lightning cable.

But what users are reporting, that the charging gets starts when they re-plug in their cables while the screen is on, seems related to a device which needs to be unlocked before it connects to a lightning cable or a wall charger to start working or charging the device.

Possible Fixes for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Charging Issue

Unfortunately, there are no possible fixes for this issue at this moment. If it is related to any software bug of the latest iOS 12 update then the issue might get a fix in future software update of the iOS 12. Meanwhile, you can try to reach out your nearest Apple Care center or Apple support center to get the possible fix for your device.

Let me know if you are also getting the charging issue on your new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices in the comments section down below.