Samsung is Working on Various Under-Display Features Including an Under-Display Front Camera and More

2018 Samsung OLED Forum conference
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We saw a number of new smartphones device this year with a display Notch. In other words, we can say that the year 2018 was dedicated to the smartphones with Notch. However, the Essential was the first to introduced the Notch on its PH1 smartphone and later, the feature was adopted by several other companies such as Apple, LG, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi etc. However, there are only a few smartphone giants like Samsung and Sony which have been stayed away from this trend. Now Samsung seems to be jumping over this trend to get a step ahead to save smartphone users from that infamous display Notch.

On October 18, at its “2018 Samsung OLED Forum” conference at Shenzhen Marriott Hotel in China with around 20 attendees, Samsung showcased various Sensor Integrated Technology Features or Under-Display Features for their future smartphones design, which will most likely solve the problem of placing the Front camera and Sensors on the Notch to get a Full-View display.

The technology will allow Samsung to integrate the sensors and the front cameras under the display. Samsung calls it, UPS (Under Panel Sensors). The second is the FoD, which is, (the fingerprint technology under the screen). There will be two more integrations under the display which are, HoD, (the touch-sensitive touch-sensitive technology) and SoD, (screen sound technology).

The Sensor Integrated Technology Features Goes as Follows.

  • FoD, which is, the fingerprint technology under the screen.
  • UPS, under-screen sensor (including camera) technology.
  • HoD, the touch-sensitive touch-sensitive technology.
  • SoD, screen sound technology.

This has been long gone challenge for smartphone manufacturers to make a display which can provide users with a full-screen viewing experience as well as getting a better place for front cameras and sensor so they don’t appear at the screen.

For this, we saw a few smartphone manufacturers to come with a pop-up camera like on the recently launched Oppo Find X and Vivo NEX smartphones. The upcoming Mi Mix 3 will also feature a Pop-Up camera with slider back panel this time.

This would be a big revolutionary change in smartphone history if Samsung achieves this by the next year or maybe 2020.


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