HTC Launches Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition VR Headset

Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition
Image: HTC

The collaboration between HTC Vive and McLaren Racing was made back in May to bring some new exciting stuff for users. Now HTC in partnership with McLaren has announced its new Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition virtual reality headset for players who are a hardcore gamer and love Formula One car racing.

Being the first product from the two companies the new HTC Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition VR aims to provide an immersive racing game experience to players who love formula one racing. The new Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition VR headset comes with a blue and orange color theme with the McLaren logo on the headset at the center.

The new Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition comes with two McLaren branded racing game called the “McLaren Garage VR” and McLaren version VR experience. However, both the game will be available to Viveport subscribers only.

HTC China’s Chief Executive Alvin Graylyn commented: “There are more than 500 million fans around the world in this Grand Prix car race, and as a partner with McLaren, we are offering race fans a unique perspective through VR We are excited to be able to deliver.

To our collaboration, we will bring immersive experiences to fans all over the world by combining the finest VR headset and the long history in the racing industry. This time, It’s not just a bystander, you can actually experience McLaren’s drivers and pit crews at home. ”

The new VR headset is now available to purchase via HTV Vive store for $1,549, which is around $350 more expensive than the standard pack of the HTC Vive which is currently selling for $1199 with full VR kit as Black Friday offer.


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