LG 16 Camera Module Patent
Image: Letsgodigtal

It looks like LG is going crazy with its upcoming smartphone camera modules. According to a new report by technology blog Letsgodigtal via Ice Universe, LG has patented 16 Camera Module for its upcoming smartphone that will capture images from different angles. The patented images show 16 cameras set up at the rear left corner of the device with a small size mirror and the LED flashlight below the cameras.

We are not yet sure how this new setup of the cameras will actually work but what it looks like users will be able to take images of an object from different angles without needing to move their camera around it.

What the other images show, users will be able to change the direction of the camera by swiping their finger on the screen to take images of certain parts of the object from different angles. We are also not sure about what would be the use of the mirror given below the cameras.

We have recently seen smartphones launched with more than one or two cameras at the rear, like on the recently launched Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) model that comes with four rear cameras. We have also seen the triple rear camera setup on the recently launched Samsung Galaxy A7 and the LG V40 ThinQ.

But I think LG is going crazy here if its really going to launch something like this in near future.