Oppo Made the World’s First WeChat Video Call via 5G Network

WeChat video call via 5G network

Are you ready for the 5G Era? One after another, tech companies have started testing 5G networks and smartphones. Oppo has successfully made the WeChat video calling using the 5G network.

Alen Wu, President of Overseas Business at Opp tweeted, “We achieved a significant milestone for OPPO & 5G today as the world’s first multi-party WeChat video call via the 5G network was made by engineers from OPPO‘s 6 major research institutes around the world. Very proud of the team for this great progress towards a 5G future!”

This also confirms that the company not only used the 5G network but also using a 5G supported smartphone. However, the company has not made any announcement regarding the 5G device.

Oppo’s VP Shen Yiren said, “Hello Oppo! Hello 5G! Sharing an exciting news. At 0:57 on November 30, we successfully made the world’s first 5G mobile phone-based WeChat video call. Oppo’s six major research institutes are connected globally and 5G is one step closer!”

It’s worth mentioning that Xiaomi also conducted a 5G test in September on its Mi MIX 3 smartphone which is 5G enabled and already launched. One of the biggest news in the 5G industry was the $3.5 billion agreement between Nokia and T-mobile for 5G deployment.

With these developments, we are not going to see the 5G deployment in 2018. Rather we can expect commercial deployment of 5G service in the second half of 2019.


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