Tutanota Launches New Email Client & Offers Pro Version 5 Months for Free

Tutanota has released its completely rebuilt email client and apps. This is the biggest update since Tutanota first launched its email client with automatic end-to-end encryption in March 2014.

With greatly improved speed and design, new features such as full-text search on encrypted data, secure password reset, two-factor authentication, a dark theme and more, the new email client make the transitioning from privacy-invading email services to Tutanota – the secure email service with encryption by default – easier than ever before.

Quitting Google Is Trending

Leaving Google in favor of privacy-respecting alternatives has become very popular online, and Tutanota is seeing this trend in continuously growing numbers of sign-ups. Today Tutanota is being used by millions of people around the world already.

Tutanota Premium & Pro 5 Months for Free.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (12am PST), Tutanota is offering its Premium and Pro versions with a reduction of 37,5%, which equals five months for free. Premium and Pro usually cost €1,20 and €6 per month respectively, and come with many extra features, such as own domain support, alias email addresses, smart filters, whitelabel customizations, login on own website and more.

Innovative full-text search combines convenience & security

Tutanota never compromises on security while maintaining a strong focus on usability. The new client now comes with two innovative usability features that haven’t been implemented elsewhere, yet, these two features symbolize how security and usability can easily co-exist:

The challenge with encryption is that encrypted data can’t be searched on the server. Yet, a search is crucial for any email application. Tutanota’s new search feature works just as easy as any other search feature. While the application builds an encrypted search index that is then stored encrypted locally and also searched locally to provide maximum security, the user only sees their search entry and the search results and can use it as conveniently as any other search feature.

Secure account reset to prevent identity theft

Standard reset features via email are very insecure as these can be triggered and abused by malicious attackers. Instead of offering such an insecure feature, Tutanota now comes with a recovery code that only the user can access and use. Should the user ever lose their password, they can reset their account with the help of this recovery code themselves.

In an era of data breaches and identity thefts, emails must be kept private!

“With data breaches and identity theft being the number one security risk for every Internet user, the future of email must be private: Our mailboxes contain so much valuable information and are connected to so many online services (Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, etc.) that it becomes increasingly important to have a secure mailbox. Storing data unencrypted ‘in the cloud’ is just not an option anymore”, says Matthias Pfau, founder, and developer of Tutanota. “With this brand-new version, Tutanota has matured into a convenient and secure alternative to privacy-invading services such as Gmail and Yahoo.”

With Tutanota people no longer have to choose between usability and security. By making sure that all data is always end-to-end encrypted, only the user owns their data. Tutanota’s automatic encryption enables businesses and private users to use the benefits of the cloud – availability, accessibility, cost-efficiency, automatic back-up – without ever giving up on data sovereignty.

“Tutanota users make sure that their emails are no longer as public as postcards, but instead as secure as sealed letters,” adds Pfau.


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