Amazon Fire TV Cube Announcements Feature
Image: Amazon

The tiny media box from Alexa called the Amazon Fire TV Cube is now getting a new feature that will allow you to Broadcast an ”Announcement” in your own voice. The new feature will broadcast your announcement using your Amazon Fire TV Cube to all of your other Alexa-enabled devices in your home.

As TechCrunch reports, “Alexa Announcements” is activated by saying “Alexa tell everyone,” “Alexa broadcast,” or “Alexa announce.” After that, whatever you say will be repeated on all other Alexa devices in your home, or wherever your network of Alexa gadgets happen to be.

The new ”Alexa Announcement feature will now let you do more with your 
Fire TV Cube and not just for streaming media and entertainment purposes.

Now, what I am guessing is that, what could be the best way Alexa want you to use this new feature? Well, I think, using the feature you can make an announcement to calling your family members to watch a movie and or any popular show.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube currently cost $119.99 and it can be purchased via Amazon.