We are witnessing new innovations in the smartphone industry almost every other day such as foldable smartphones, in-display camera, pop-up camera, etc. Now we could see a new smartphone with a transparent display.

According to Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital, a patent has been filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for a ‘Display device and electronic apparatus’ by Sony Corporation.

This phone patent consists of two already approved patents which reveal a phone having dual displays, one at the front and one at the backside. The first display is equipped with light-emitting elements. The second display has light controls, using the reflection of incoming light.


These two patents will result in a smartphone with a dual-sided transparent display. The patent is a bit complex to understand but described as showing six different display modes, three for the front and three for the rear. From transparent to semi-transparent to non-transparent.

This transparent display could also be used for a foldable phone and as we know a foldable display phone is no more a dream. Samsung recently at its Developers Conference showed its first foldable phone.

Not only SamsungHuawei, Oppo, and LG are also in the development of foldable phone. the coming 2019 year will be full of excitements as we’ll be seeing some good innovations.