Today is the last day of 2018 and everyone will be having something memorable to carry to the New Year. Chinese smartphone company also enjoyed 2018 and had great memorable events to remember.

From getting listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange to successfully conducting the 5G test and launching record-breaking smartphones. Xiaomi has released a short video bringing the most memorabilia moments.

In the video, Xiaomi listed the keywords of the past year: ” Courier, more youthful; more technology, more art; smarter, more intimate; more friends around the world, more open ecology; more advanced design, more price.”

In the video, Xiaomi reviewed the 2018 memorabilia with flash clips, such as – 5G connectivity (19 seconds), Xiaomi MIX3 Palace Muesuem Edition (22 seconds), Xiaomi and IKEA cooperation (33 seconds), Lei Jun announced hardware integration in Wuhan University The profit will never exceed 5% (43 seconds)…

On October 26 this year, Lei Jun announced on Weibo that the shipment of Xiaomi mobile phone officially exceeded 100 million units this year, completing the annual task ahead of schedule.

At the first China International Import Expo on November 5, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi was founded 8 years ago and is a young company. Four years ago, Xiaomi began its global development. As of the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi International’s business grew by 150%, and it has entered 82 overseas markets, becoming the top five in the 25 markets.