Xiaomi Redmi Go
Image: Xiaomi

A new Xiaomi Redmi Go smartphone has been certified by Infocomm and Media Development Authority, IMDA in Singapore. The new certified device has a model number M1903C3GG and it looks like a new Redmi Go device from Xiaomi. A few days back the same device was spotted at the Federal Communications Commission, but its name wasn’t confirmed at that time.

As first spotted by folks at droidshout, the IMDA listing reveals a new Xiaomi device carrying the model number M1903C3GG. The new device has a marketing name as Redmi Go. However, the listing didn’t reveal much about the device, except its official name.

xiaomi redmi go
Image: droidshout

Moreover, a recent FCC listing, as reported by droidshout, the Xiaomi M1903C3GG would come with dual 4 sim support, however, the phone won’t include global bands like Band 3, and Band 5, which hints, that the phone won’t come out of China.

The report further states, that Xiaomi may skip the band 40, which is used by Reliance Jio. That means the Xiaomi Redmi Go may not be launched in India too.

Additionally, the Redmi go will feature Bluetooth 4.2 and single-band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz).