Nubia Unveils Red Magic Mars and Nubia X Smartphones at CES 2019

nubia Red Magic
nubia Red Magic

Nubia, one of the global mobile-technology company engaged in developing innovative and cutting-edge smartphones has kicked off 2019 by launching two new smartphones. The company has launched the Red Magic Mars and the Nubia X smartphone at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The Red Magic Mars is a gaming smartphone, while the Nubia X is a dual-screen phone. The company has already launched the Red Magic Mars in India in 2018.

Nubia Red Magic Mars Specifications and Features

The Red Magic Mars is a flagship gaming phone pairs with powerful hardware configurations and exclusive features for gamers. It also includes gaming-specific features like the exceptional cooling system.

The ICE multi-dimensional cooling system combines air cooling and liquid cooling. Cooling ports, several layers of graphite, and a custom-engineered convex-shaped back increase air convection both inside and outside the phone.

Additionally, a premium, liquid-filled copper tube directs heat away from the CPU and GPU to boost performance. The phone runs by a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and comes in three variants: 6+64, 8+128, 10+256 GB of RAM and storage, respectively.

The Red Magic Mars also equipped with “Red Magic Game Space,” a gaming-focused software mode. This feature minimizes the background apps resulting in better performance and enhances gameplay. With a high-performance mode and 4D sound+vibration effects (that can be turned on or off in the settings).

The smartphone boasts an FHD+ 6-inch display and packs a  3,800 mAh smart high-density battery.

Nubia X Specifications and Features

The Nubia X was first launched in China in October 2018 and has witnessed a massive success. It is a dual-screen phone featuring a bezel-less 6.26” display on the front and a 5.1”, full-quality display on the back of the device.

nubia X smartphone
nubia X smartphone

The interesting point to note in the Nubia X is that there is no notch or camera cutout. The camera sensors sit at the rear display. Users can take photos or video chat using the rear camera (24MP+16MP)

You can also use the same camera setup for capturing top-quality selfies.

“The Nubia X is the first serious attempt to make the dual-screen phone a touchstone of smartphone design,” General Manager of Nubia Smartphone Mr. Ni Fei explained.

“By avoiding the notch, we’ve created a phone with a 6.26-inch LCD screen on the front and a 93.6% screen-to-body ratio.”

In addition, the touch functions on both screens can be used simultaneously. By using the rear screen to interact with the front screen, users can experience a full-viewing experience (without their fingers blocking their view). “This feature was designed with gamers in mind,” Mr. Ni Fei added.


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