Apple Unveils iOS 12.1.4 With Group FaceTime Bug Fix

iOS 12

In recent days Apple has been heavily in discussions because of a very serious privacy bug in its native video conferencing application, FaceTime.

The problem allowed users in group calls to hear/watch what is being said and done on another iDevice/Mac even before the call was answered. It left many users worried about their privacy.

Apple quickly suspended the use of FaceTime as a Group on its servers and began working on a fix. A few days later, stating that the problem had already been remedied, leaving several iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch owners eager to release a new version of iOS with the bug already fixed.

Behold, just a few minutes ago the Cupertino giant made iOS 12.1.4 available. It not only reactivates group calls via FaceTime but also fixes the security breach found earlier by a 14-year-old. In addition to the above correction, the apple also included others directed to Live Photos.

Despite the great news, Apple appears to have emerged from a privacy scandal and gone into another, seeing that recent research conducted by TechCrunch found that several popular iOS apps were recording the screen and usage patterns of various users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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