D-Link Announces Partnership With Microsoft for Urban and Corporate Environment

D-Link Announces Partnership With Microsoft

The MWC 2019 is in full swing, and the technology company D-Link cannot be left out. The company announced that it will be running some projects in partnership with Microsoft. This partnership will have the main focus on solutions of the “Smart City”.

D-Link, bringing to the market several new features regarding equipment and services aimed at optimizing users’ lives.┬áThe mission is to implement even more technology in the day-to-day processes using IoT in banks, hospitals, offices, parks, intersections, parking lots and others, whose mission is to give more safety and efficiency.

A major helper in these solutions will be the 5G, which goes without compatibility with several products launched throughout the year because it is a new and high technology in the market. In addition, several technologies have been explored by this collaboration, such as cloud services, AI, Edge Computing, AZURE, and Azure IoT Edge to provide solutions that meet the needs of everyone they want to deploy in their companies.

“D-Link is thrilled to work with Microsoft on our next-generation edge AI solutions that will revolutionize the digital future of cities and businesses with intelligent connectivity,” said D-Link President Steve Lin.

“Infusing vision AI into devices, like IP cameras, opens up more use cases by enabling data processing in real time without high-powered machines or continuous network connections,” said Rodney Clark, Vice President, IoT at Microsoft. “We are excited to work with D-Link to deliver innovative edge solutions with a cognitive capability that empower businesses and cities to make smarter decisions.”


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