GRID 2 is Free on the Humble Bundle for a Limited Time

Grid 2
Courtesy: HumbleBundle

GRID 2 can be redeemed for free at the Humble Bundle, a site that sells game combos at attractive prices and rolls back some of the proceeds to charities or NGOs. That’s where an interesting set of Sonic titles came out last year for only one dollar.

To redeem the key that entitles you to download the game simply register in the newsletter of the site, which can be canceled at any time. With that done, a code for the rescue of the game via Steam will be provided. If you are not so interested to take advantage of this offer, we warn that the price of the game is currently at $49.99. It does not cost anything (literally) to put it in your library on that offer.

GRID 2 is a racing game released in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PCs. In Windows, the interested parties do not have much to worry about, since the title is old, and therefore does not require many hardware resources. Even onboard video cards should handle the message.

The offer is limited and will be available until 10 am PT on March 17, or while supplies last. So be quick!


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