Huawei Smart Glass

At the launch of P30 Series, Huawei also announced a pair of smart glasses which is made in partnership with Gentle Monster. More like wireless headphones with lenses, the intelligent glasses features an antenna, two microphones, stereo speakers, battery and chipset.

With built-in features, it allows the user to accept calls through their glasses and hear the sound emitted directly at the ear. Watch the promotional video:

The wearables also allow its users to get future appointments and climatic conditions. One of the main features present in the device is its ability to load through the NFC. This means that it can have its battery recharged while it is not in use.

The process is done through its cover – similar to the conventional glasses case. It allows you to fuel the device battery and safely store the accessory. Not only the name, but Huawei also skips some of the features such as a screen and camera.

Huawei Smart Glasses Price and Availability

Huawei has not made any announcements regarding the pricing and exact availability dates. Although it said that the device will be available in July this year.


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