Android Q Beta

Google’s Android Q first beta came last month and now the Beta 2 arrives. The Android Q beta 2 comes with lots of new features and support. It brings new privacy features, support for foldable devices, new APIs for connectivity, new media codecs and more.

The second beta version of Android Q came with a major fix on the previous version’s notification system. Google is testing the ability to swipe left or right to clear notification cards instead of swiping it to one side as it was before on some of the devices.

Android Q Beta 2 Features

Users and developers who participate in the beta program will see two major changes. The first is in gesture controls, which resemble those used in iOS – which does not, however, eliminate the existence of the Home and Back buttons; and there is also a change in volume sliders.

In addition, Google has also introduced ‘Bubbles. The feature lets people keep pop-up conversations in windows while navigating through the Android interface. This feature will be exactly like Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads. However, here it’ll allow any application to take advantage of the functionality.

Bubbles feature in Android Q
Bubbles feature in Android Q (Courtesy: Android Blog)

“In Android Q we’re adding platform support for bubbles, a new way for users to multitask and re-engage with your apps. Various apps have already built similar interactions from the ground up, and we’re excited to bring the best from those into the platform while helping to make interactions consistent, safeguard user privacy, reduce development time, and drive innovation,” posted on Android Blog.

Another feature added in the Android Q beta 2 is the Foldable emulator. Recently, we’ve seen several OEMs moving towards developing foldable devices including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. With this feature, developers can build apps which can take advantage of screens used in these types of devices.

Foldable device emulator is available as an Android Virtual device in Android Studio 3.5 available in the canary release channel.

How to Get the Android Q Beta 2

Android Q is supported by all three generations of Google Pixel – Pixel 1, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3. In order to get the Android update, you need to enroll for the beta program here. Once you are enrolled, you’ll receive the update to Beta 2 soon.


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