Image: Tesla

After introducing its latest electric SUV Model Y, Tesla launched new versions of its Model S and Model X electric cars this week. The new variants come with more power and more autonomy. According to the manufacturer, without the need to increase the capacity of the battery (100 kWh).

The longer duration would consist of better engine efficiency. In other words, they would have the ability to accelerate in a shorter time. A characteristic that would prevent an extra battery run. Now achieving a landmark 370 miles and 325 miles on the EPA cycle for Model S and Model X Long Range, respectively.

“Today, we’re making changes to Model S and Model X that allow them to travel unprecedented distances without needing to recharge, beating our own record for the longest-range production EVs on the road. And we’ve accomplished this without increasing the cars’ battery size, proving that our expertise in system-level design can make our cars dramatically more efficient,” the company posted on the official blog.

The cars still have improvements in lubrication, bearings, gears and cooling system. In addition, there is a new traction system and adaptive suspensions, in order to give a more comfortable ride.

The Model S and Model X can now achieve 200 kW on V3 Superchargers and 145 kW on V2 Superchargers. The numbers represent an approximately 50% increase in speed.


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