Apex Legends Season 2 to be Unveiled at E3, Mobile Edition Also Coming

Apex Legends

With Fallen Order and FIFA 2020 planned for E3 2019, Electronic Arts is also expected to announce exciting news during its conference. Among the news are Apex Legends season 2 and ‘Apex Legends Mobile‘ can be revealed at E3 2019.

According to official information from Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, the company is having “advanced negotiations” to launch the game for mobile platforms, these being iOS and Android. More details have not yet been revealed.

This would be an excellent strategy for the company to further popularize its battle royale game and compete head-to-head on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in a market dominated by both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. With the game making huge success on the consoles and on the PC, it is possible that we will soon see an Apex Legends Mobile.

The characters, weapons, and aesthetics of the main game must be kept in the mobile version, as these are the main features of the game and can differentiate it very well from its main rivals.

In addition to the announcement of the mobile game during EA Play, rumors are surfacing that the distributor must announce the second season of Apex Legends, which may include news for both the biggest game on consoles and PCs, as well as smartphones.

More news and details should come up in the month of June, so stay tuned to Tech Carving as we’ill be keeping an eye on all of E3 2019.

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