First Apple Retail Store in India to Debut Soon, Locations Finalized


For some years, Apple has been trying to open its official retail stores in the Indian territory. Without it, all depends on resellers to take their products to the various customers in the country.

Launching the official stores delayed because some laws in India prohibit companies from opening stores for the sale of only one brand products – unless they cooperate with various standards such as having local production for the products.

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But apparently, all this is about to change, seeing the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant is finalizing a list of the first locations for Apple Stores in India.

Initial locations would be located in Mumbai, but the company’s final decision will be made, in fact, only in the coming weeks. As the Indian government has recently signed contracts with Wistron and Foxconn to set up factories in the country, several models of the iPhone will begin to be manufactured in the local facilities.

Apple is increasingly interested in dominating the Indian market, and to do so, has already lowered the price of the iPhone XR, aiming at least to match its main rivals in the country, Samsung and Huawei.


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