How to Convert Audio to Text Automatically?

Convert Audio to Text

Technology is certainly making our lives easy. It has touched every part of our life. With the help of technology these days, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to note down everything. You can dictate and record it and later on transcribe it. Many individuals are not familiar with the process of audio to text conversions.

Today we will help you with the same by highlighting the use of transcription software. The truth is that the rise of transcription software has made our life very easy. You can now use the transcription software for a variety of different applications which can help you minimize the need of noting down each and everything.  The only bit of issue with the transcription software is that you need to find software which uses AI technology.

When that is the case, it is effortless for you to get an accurate transcription. If the transcription software is not correct, you will not benefit from transcribing. Instead of looking far and wide for such software, it is a good idea to go with something like Audtext. It is audio to text converter online which uses AI technology. We will go into its details below and also help you understand how versatile it is.

Audext – AI-based transcription tool

You can convert audio to text with It can easily help you convert audio file to text without having to download any software on your computer. The main advantage of Audext is that it uses AI technology. The use of AI technology makes it more accurate than its peers. It helps the transcription engine consistently adapt to the voice modulation and the accent of the user. That is why transcription software like Audext is so precise and versatile. Let us look at the benefits of AI in Audext.

Benefits of AI-based transcription tool

The benefits are plenty like:

 1.Adaptive learning:

The primary use of AI technology in Audext is that it adapts the software consistently. The software keeps on learning from every transcription. That is why over a period it builds up a database of not just words but also accents which makes it more precise. When using Audext, you can be sure that the next time around when you will be using it, it will be more accurate

Since thousands of users have already used it before you, the accuracy is on the higher side. With such high efficiency, you can easily convert an entire audio file to text with minimal errors. That is why, when you want to transcribe audio to text, Audext is one of the best options which you have.

2.Speed enhancement:   

Some transcribing software can take hours even for smaller audio files. With the help of Audext, you will have no problem at all. Owing to AI technology, it consistently improves its speed as well as detection. As a result, it is effortless to get the transcription done quickly. You will not have to devote hours together to transcribe every file.

3.Speaker detection:

The AI technology also enables it to detect various speakers in the audio file. It means that if you’re taking an interview or if there are 2 to 3 speakers, it can structure the text file accordingly. You will not have to edit it manually. You can get a text file which is easy to decipher. A single glance at the text file will let you know the conversation between the different speakers. It greatly minimizes the need for any editing. That is why; Audtext is such a great option due to this AI detection feature.


The AI technology in Audext also uses predictability to understand better how to detect the words better in the audio file. With the help of predictive analysis, it can form sentences as per the audio. It dramatically reduces the probability of errors.  The whole purpose of AI technology is to make Audext easy to use and more accurate. Hence; it is one of the best transcribing tools available.

5.Applications of Audext: 

The uses of Audext are endless. It is highly versatile and has uses across various industries. However, we will highlight some of the applications which will help you understand how versatile is Audext.

  1. Journalism use:

Journalists all over the world use Audext for various purposes like:

  • Transcribing interviews
  • Collecting sound bites Recording press conferences
  • Conducting sting operations

The advantage of the audio transcription is that you can easily record all the information and later on convert it into proper text. It will not only provide you with the record in the form of an audio copy but also in the form of hard copy. That is why journalists all over the world use Audtext.

  1. Educational sector:

Students can use it to record lectures. Later on, they can easily convert these lectures into notes. It means that they need not note down each and everything in class. They can pay attention to the explanation rather than listening and writing at the same time. It will help them focus more in the classroom.

  1. Corporate use:

These days, corporates are using it for voice memos and for recording the meetings. It means that there is always a record of each and everything. Since most of the employees have smartphones with them, they can easily record voice memos and later on transcribe it to save time. Audext is available online, and therefore, employees can easily convert the audio file right from their smartphone. That is why in the corporate world as well Audext is making things smooth and efficient

  1. Used by medical professionals:

Psychologists spend a lot of time taking down notes during and after the therapy sessions. With the help of audio recording, they can now record the entire therapy session. It means that they will not have to worry about devoting a lot of time to take down notes. They can record therapy session and later on transcribe it using Audext.  As you can see, the number of applications for Audext is plenty. It is making its mark across various industries.

The main reason why Audext is so effective is because of its AI technology. With the help of Audext, you can now easily record information and later on transcribe it as per your convenience. It can save you time and make your daily tasks easy. It is time to use software like Audext to convert audio to text files automatically rather than spending a significant amount of time editing them.


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