Meizu Releases Flyme 7 Trial Update With New Features and OneMind 3.0

Flyme 7

Meizu announced a new update for its proprietary Flyme 7 OS interface. According to the manufacturer, the update comes to users with some new features, a series of fixes and performance improvements.

The biggest highlight is the feature known as OneMind 3.0. With it, the software analyzes the behavior of the user to present more efficient results. It optimizes the system background scheduling strategies, optimizing game stability and improving the gaming experience.

The feature is based on the Xiaomi Game Turbo or the Huawei GPU Turbo. Thus, the user should gain more performance with heavy gaming and even battery savings.

In the settings part, the battery page now has a new interface, and Meizu is also bringing its Pay application. The idea is that the user uses the company’s payment system thanks to the presence of the NFC in some models.

Thus, the Meizu Pay can be useful in establishments that accept payments by mobile and even by public transport bus in some cities. Another feature that is coming to the owners of the Meizu 16s is the DC dimming feature.

With it, the AMOLED display of the device should gain a lower brightness to avoid disturbance in nighttime use. For now, the Flyme 7.3 is only coming to a few users via OTA. Meizu guarantees that most of its devices will receive the new software.

For now, the Flyme 7 experience update is available on 10 models: Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th Plus, Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu 15, M15, PRO 7 Plus, PRO 7 High Edition, PRO 7 Standard Edition, and Charm Blue.


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