Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is a particular version of the popular video game sandbox that uses augmented reality to give life to the structures built in the app in the real world. Similar to Pokémon Go, it will be possible to walk in the real world in search of blocks, creatures and explore micro-worlds of Minecraft in augmented reality.

Players will be able to construct block structures both in small environments such as a table and outdoors in natural size, even superimposed on the real structures.

The elements of the real world will transform and players will be able to collect resources, demolish structures and other virtual elements and fight the various creatures accumulating experience points.

While the normal version of Minecraft allow players to play in creative mode, with unlimited blocks and objects, or survival, in which objects can be lost. Microsoft is mixing these traditional modes in a new way of playing Minecraft.

The maps are based on OpenStreetMap and allowed Microsoft to understand where to insert the adventures of Minecraft in the world that are dynamically generated on the map of Minecraft Earth and are designed to involve more people and the blocks that are collected during an adventure are shared with other players.

Minecraft Earth will be available in beta on iOS and Android this summer. Check out the Minecraft Earth Trailer!


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