Nokia Camera App Might Get Night Mode, Gesture Shot, Recording 1080p at 60 fps and More

Nokia camera app
Image: Nokia

We know that smartphone manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the cameras of their devices. This does not only include a sensor with better quality, but rather software options that aid in the imaging experience.

Nokia is one of those who are exploring to make photos on their phones even better. This comes after an APK teardown analysis by a website LoveNokia.

The site took the new camera app (version: 95.9.0100.03) from the Nokia 3.2 camera app (which was announced on MWC19 ) and uncovered some cool features hidden in the codes.

Among them was mentioned a possible Night Mode (represented by a moon icon) as well as a function called Super Zoom, which suggests hybrid zooming feature similar to those we know in the P30 Pro which has a high zooming capability.

Another function worth mentioning is the special sounds to attract the attention of children (Kid sound effect) when capturing an image. There are lots of little noises that can make the little ones look towards the smartphone before the picture is taken.

It remains to be seen if the function will be activated automatically when the AI ​​recognizes a child in the photo, or if the users will have to activate it, the manual way.

You can check some of the sounds in the following video:

Finally, functions also found in APK analysis mention TiZR live-streaming support, photo gesture, more timer options, icons that can be or stickers or something similar to Animojis, and more.


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