Steam Chat app

Steam is revamping its mobile chat with the standalone Steam Chat, an app dedicated to the conversations of gamers when they are away from computers.

Available for Android and iOS, it brings news such as the most comfortable display of the status of your friend’s list, informing if a friend is playing or not. In addition, it is easier to participate in group conversations, creating channels and incorporating videos, tweets, gifs, and threads, clearly inspired by Discord.

For now, Valve is left with voice capabilities in its chat app and brings it a week following the release of Steam Link on Apple systems.

This happens one year after the official launch of the application that mirrors the gaming of PCs on cell phones.

Valve had to withdraw the ability to purchase content directly from its app, and apparently, that was blocking the release of the program at that time. The Steam Chat is now available for download in the Play Store and App Store.


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