Google Assistant to Be Available on all Chromebooks With Chrome OS 77

Google Assistant

It’s been eight months since Google promised arriving Google Assistant on all Chromebooks and apparently the fateful moment has arrived. Starting with Chrome OS 77, whose stable version will be released in the coming months, all Chromebooks will be able to count on the native version of Google’s digital assistant.

The new version debuted last year on Pixel Slate and on a small number of devices, but now the feature is ready to be activated on all Chromebooks. A new commit posted in the Chromium code management system shows that the Assistant flag is now enabled by default.

assistant: enable feature by default

The feature is present in the Canary version of Chrome OS, so it will be available on notebooks with the arrival of the stable version. The release of the final version of Chrome OS 77 is scheduled for September, so there are still three months in which Google will be able to make changes, enabling Google Assistant on as many devices as possible.


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