Huawei Shipped 100M Smartphones in the First Five Months of 2019

Huawei Shipped 100M Smartphones

In the midst of all the controversies this year involving Huawei, the issue that lies at the end of this semester is simply, how is the Huawei team in 2019? Obviously better than many imagine. A recent report reveals that Huawei has sold 100 million mobile phones worldwide in the first five months of 2019.

The statement comes from the launch event of the Nova 5 series at an event in Hong Kong, where the new Kirin 810 chipset also announced. This new flagship SoC is built with 7-nanometer architecture and support for operations based on artificial intelligence.

The record is still fairly consistent with the company’s long-expected forecasts of selling up to 250 million handsets by the end of this year. But now the scenario has been completely distorted following the US ban that came into effect in May. This trade war certainly had a minimal impact on the period quoted today by Huawei.

Expectations for the coming months will have to be adjusted to a lower level, but in the words of Shao Yang – Huawei’s chief strategy officer – it’s only a matter of time before the brand becomes the world’s largest smartphone maker.

It is not clear what will be Huawei’s new strategy to maintain a stable consumer base even with a goodbye to Google’s operating system. The company is expecting a lot with its new
Hongmeng/ARK OS.


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