Motorola One Pro Leaks Again Confirming Quad Camera Setup

Motorola One Pro

Motorola is increasing investments in its Motorola One series. Last year it came with the standard Motorola One and One Power. This year, we’ve already seen One Vision being released, and we still have to meet One Action and One Pro, which has leaked showing four rear cameras. Now, the latter appears again in images, reiterating this curious feature.

If we believe these to be true, the One Pro will even bring the cameras in the strange domino-like format, with the fingerprint reader just below, but still within the same space. The LED flash should be on the left side. All your buttons should be on the right side, with the volume up and down, and the power just below.

In the images, you can still see at the lower the USB-C port, the P2 input for headphones, and the main microphone. On the top, in addition to the secondary microphone, there will be a superior sound output, which would allow a great jump in the quality of stereo sound.

In any case, we do not know much about its technical characteristics so far. But it is quite possible that it is the top smartphone of Motorola for this year. In addition, there is no set date for the Motorola One Pro to be made official, so we can only wait for the official date, which may be closer and closer.


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