Nubia X 5G Announced at Shanghai MWC 2019

Nubia X 5G smartphone

Just a day before the official opening of the MWC Shanghai 2019 gates, China’s Nubia Mobiles introduced its new smartphone with 5G connectivity, Nubia X 5G. With this launch, the company is looking a way to secure itself in the flagship market and add yet another strong competitor to the world.

An update of the existing Nubia X, the new Nubia X 5G should have basically the same hardware, but updates to enjoy the experience of the next generation of mobile networks, which includes a new processor.

Instead of adopting the Snapdragon 845, the X 5G modem needs to use the Snapdragon 855 platform. The Qualcomm’s flagship 855 SoC offers the possibility of implementing the new Snapdragon X50 modem that allows the smartphone to be able to cope with the new 5G networks.

Nubia X 5G smartphone
Nubia X 5G smartphone

Nubia X 5G Specifications, Features

Unfortunately, the company did not confirm the hardware details of smartphone Nubia X 5G, but some cite that this is the same edition as the Nubia X with 4 GB of RAM (but with 5G). It would have a slightly larger battery to be able to handle better the power consumption of the new generation of mobile networks.

It’s worth noting that, at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona earlier this year, Nubia showcased the Nubia Mini 5G smartphone. It comes with the same Snapdragon 855 chipset as seen in the Nubia X 5G and other competing 5G flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G.

Still, there is no official information on the amount of internal storage, RAM or battery capacity, so we’ill have to wait a little longer until such details are officially presented, as well as the final price of the device. Stay tuned as we’ll be updating with every information.


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