Oppo Showcases Under-Screen Camera (USC) at Shanghai MWC 2019

Oppo Under-Screen Camera (USC)

Oppo fulfilled its promise and showcased to the world its first smartphone with front camera under the display, Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology. The new feature was demonstrated to the press during the opening of the MWC 2019 Shanghai edition.

Called “Perspective Panorama Screen“, the camera under the display should finally allow the manufacturer to abandon the use of the controversial notch. In addition, the hole on the screen is also declared dead to accommodate the front sensor.

That’s because, according to Oppo, this tech allows the use of a curved display on the smartphone, without any visual interference. See below for a short video posted by the manufacturer on Twitter:

For the camera to work, Oppo claims that some adjustments have to be made to the display. According to the company, it is clear that this part of the screen is developed to be a little more transparent so that the light can move to the sensor.

In addition, the image sensor has also been adapted. Thus, it has wider pixels, aperture and larger physical size. The company still recognizes that there are cases where the camera will pick up some interference and will exhibit problems with brightness.

Therefore, in an attempt to bypass the situation, Oppo has developed some software adjustments and created a multi-frame HDR algorithm. It should also be responsible for taking care of white balance to enhance the image.


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