Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Offer 45W Fast Charging Support

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Render (Image: BenGeskin/Twitter)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still a few months away from being officially shown to the public, but that does not stop various leaks on this product from surfacing on the internet. Now a new leak surfaces which reveal that the Galaxy Note 10 might come with 45W fast charging support.

The information was shared by the famous tipster Ice Universe on Twitter. It shared a mysterious image depicting Leonardo da Vinci with the binary code “101101”, which translates into the number “45”. Check out the tweet below:

The image also has a symbol of a ray, an icon usually used to talk about energy. We also know that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has got the code name “Da Vinci”. So it makes clear that the tweet is about the Galaxy Note 10. Now combining all these make us believe that there will be a 45W charging support in the upcoming Samsung Note device.

However, we still not know if Samsung will apply this feature in all models or will have a specific version to explore such a feature. But if Samsung goes with this, this speed can further enhance the fast wireless charging system currently applied only in the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Earlier leaks reveal that the Galaxy Note 10 might come with a 4,500 mAh battery, a 6.6-inch display with aspect ratio 19:9 and an S Pen.


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