Sony Smartphone Concept Render Reveals Six Camera Sensors at the Rear

Sony smartphone

Since last year, the number of cameras mounted on the back of smartphones on average has increased considerably and it seems that Sony has also decided to follow this trend. According to the latest rumors, the Japanese manufacturer would be working on a new Xperia model with camera sensors that even exceeds that of the Nokia 9 PureView.

The new smartphone could indeed come with six cameras. The Nokia 9 PureView comes with five rear cameras. The concept render is shared by Max J. on Twitter, who added that the smartphone is still under development and therefore there is no information on the name or its possible specs.

He has published images (see above) based on a concept that highlights the six rear cameras, which should be organized as follows:

  • 20MP, f/2.4
  • 48MP, f/1.2 – f/2.4
  • 16MP, f/2.4
  • 8MP, f/ 2.4
  • 12MP, f/ 1.2 – F / 2.4
  • 0.5MP, TOF

An interesting and at the same time strange mixture, with which we can hardly say anything at first. Although there seems to be the main sensor available at 48MP, the 12MP sensor probably has the same aperture.

It remains to understand how Sony intends to utilize these camera sensors. So let’s wait for more information to see if it really comes to be true.


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