Super Mario Maker 2
Image: YouTube/Nintendo

Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Maker 2 had a long exhibition during the E3 2019 presenting much of what can be seen by users, as soon as it reaches the consumer market (its release date being confirmed for 06/28 ).

Takashi Tezuka, the producer responsible for the title, has confirmed that Super Mario Maker 2 will allow players to play online with friends, and it may even be possible to work together in the creation.

This feature, however, will not be available at the time of its release but will be included later by means of an additional update to the game.

It is worth remembering that previously had already been confirmed the possibility of matches with up to four players, and it was initially expected that this would happen face-to-face against the market, something that raised questions from the fans, causing the company to open their eyes and rethinking the possibility of including the gameplay through the internet.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not revealed a confirmed date for this update to be implemented and released to its users but if we consider the fact that there is already work in this direction, it is expected that this will not be delayed.


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