Android Q Beta

Just a couple of days ago Google paused the distribution of Android Q Beta 5 due to problems related to installing the update via OTA, which apparently was affected several owners of the Google Pixel series of smartphones in the Beta 4 version.

The cause of this was not revealed and the search giant continues to investigate, however, it has decided to resume the distribution of the fifth beta.

The decision to summarize the distribution was made, according to the manufacturer, because only a small number of users were affected – as well as the fact that the problem did not cause actual system damage or loss of information.

If you own a Pixel and are experiencing difficulties installing the Android Q Beta 5, simply follow the instructions given in the Reddit topic where the suspension and resumption of system distribution have been officially reported.

In an official statement, Google reported on Reddit:

Thank you for your patience as we investigate the issue, which is putting a very small percentage of devices back on Beta 4 after multiple reboots. We have now resumed the Beta 5 OTA rollout.

In the future, to help us diagnose these kinds of issues here’s a set of steps you can take:

  1. Enable USB debugging from Developer Options and authorize your host machine before taking the OTA.

  2. If you hit the issue upon booting into Beta 5, please try to capture a bug report by running ‘adb bugreport’ at that point and file a bug with the bug report attached to it. If ‘adb bugreport’ doesn’t work, please run ‘adb logcat’ and file a bug providing the output of the command.

  3. Provide feedback using the Android Beta Feedback app.


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