iOS 12.4, macOS 10.14.6, watchOS 5.3 and tvOS 12.4 Released

iOS 12

Following the release of its operating system testing programs, Apple today released another round of public beta for iOS 12.4, macOS 10.14.6, watchOS 5.3 and tvOS 12.4.

With regard to what can be seen in this new updates, the main highlight is the addition of wireless data transfer capability from your old iPhone to the new one, as well as improvements related to the Apple News application, not yet officially available.

In the watchOS, the main highlight is the security fix implemented by resuming the “Walkie Talkie” function of the watch after the failures that would allow the user to be seen on.

Another point that at least for now does not interfere in the lives of Brazilians is the non-release of the Apple Card, something that should have been theoretically implemented and made available to users.

Remember that, just like any beta, these distributions are not guaranteed to be stable (although they are more than iOS 13 and others, which were also available today). Therefore, it is recommended to avoid use in your devices for everyday use, especially those that require greater stability.


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